Welcome to the website for the UK NEQAS Schemes hosted by the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust at Watford General Hospital.

The Schemes are; UK NEQAS for General Haematology, UK NEQAS for Blood Transfusion Laboratory Practice and UK NEQAS for Feto-Maternal Haemorrhage.

Re-registration Website

The re-registration website is now open.  To access the website please click here.


Over the last year the BTLP Scheme has been trialling a CAPA form. This has been useful to us, as it allows us to see the full picture when undertaking performance monitoring, and we have had positive feedback from participants. The CAPA form is available via the link below, and we would be grateful if any laboratory making an EQA error could complete one of these forms once their investigation is complete. These will be stored with the laboratory’s performance record, and even if the error is minor, may be of use when looking at cumulative performance in the future. Completed forms can be returned by e-mail (btlp@ukneqas.org.uk), fax (+44 (0) 1923 217934) or post (UK NEQAS(BTLP), PO Box 133, Watford, WD18 0WP).

Click here for BTLP CAPA form


UK NEQAS (H) 16th Annual Participants' Meeting - The 'Q' in CQC

The UK NEQAS (H) 16th Annual Participants' Meeting was held on Tuesday 15 October 2013. 

Joint UK NEQAS (BTLP) and BBTS SIG Annual Meeting

The Joint UK NEQAS (BTLP) and BBTS SIG Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday 20 November 2013.

If you would like to view any of the presentations from our meeting held on 14 November 2012 click the link here.

Digital Morphology Facebook and Twitter accounts 

Digital Morphology now has a dedicated Facebook page: Digital Morphology.  If you are a Facebook user please search for this page and ‘Like’ it.  I shall be posting important messages on this Facebook page; they will appear in your own timeline if you have ‘Liked’ the page.   There is also a dedicated Twitter account which you can find at: @danpelling.  Please follow both accounts – they are linked.

Digital Morphology CPD Scheme

1403DM will be going live towards the end of April. 

All licences purchased through laboratories at re-registration in 2013 expired on 31th March 2014.  Licences purchased individually via Pay Pal, or through overseas agents, will expire 12 months after purchase or activation respectively.

Licences for 2014/15 requested via the re-registration website, are being set-up now that last year's licences have expired (early April 2014).  Licence purchasers will be emailed with the corresponding activation keys.

For more information please visit the Digital Morphology home page http://ukneqas.digitalslidebox.com/login.php

What is Digital Morphology? For further information please click here.

Registered users of the Digital Morphology CPD Scheme please click here