Digital Morphology is Moving…

Update 1: posted 30th July 2018

We will be shutting down the Slidepath Digital Morphology website very soon after the current case, 1804DM, closes.

All existing user accounts will be carried over to the new website but - the cases, images and accompanying information and your CPD work will no longer be accessible -

We strongly recommend that you ensure you have copies of your CPD and if you have found any cases particularly interesting or useful you also might like to take copies of the images and summaries of these.

To All Laboratory Managers and Digital Morphology coordinators:

In order to help us keep in contact with you during and after the transition to the new website; we would be grateful if you can check that your email address, and those of your team members, are correct. You can find this information under your Laboratory Manager account, accessed via the green Laboratory Manager login icon on the Digital Morphology homepage. This information will no longer be available to you once the website has been shut down.
We are no longer able to accommodate any requests for more licences until we have completed the transfer and we also ask that you do not pass existing licence keys to new users to sign up for new accounts, until further notice.

To Individual Registrants:

While the system is in transition we are temporarily unable to accept applications for new registrations and the PayPal facility for payments has been closed for the duration. All payments for licences received to date will be transferred to the new system.

We will be posting updates about the new system to this webpage, please watch here for news…