Important notice – Pre Transfusion Testing scheme change

From 19R10 onward, Rh C,c,E,e and K typing is to be performed on the patient WHOLE BLOOD samples

The proposed change to the format of the routine Pre-Transfusion Testing (PTT) R exercises regarding phenotyping has been implemented with exercise 19R10. This is to replace phenotyping of donor samples for a nominated single blood group system with Rh and K typing of the patient whole blood samples.

The change has been made to reflect the work flow seen commonly in UK laboratories and to improve assessment for phenotyping. Where previously, each blood group system was assessed less than once a year, there will now be regular assessment of the phenotypes most commonly performed in routine pre-transfusion testing (Rh and K). Use of the whole blood samples allows automated testing in line with practice in many laboratories.

Phenotyping for a wider range of common red cell phenotypes on red cell samples suspended in Alsever’s solution is now available in the Extended Red Cell Phenotyping Pilot Scheme (ERP). ERP is distributed four times per year and participants need only return results for only those antigens tested for in clinical practice. Further information on ERP can be found on our website here.

If, based on this change, you would like to amend your registration for the PTT or ERP schemes you will have the opportunity to do so during annual re-registration in February 2020.

Please let us know at [email protected] if you have any comments or suggestions related to this change or any other aspect of the PTT exercises.

Joint UK NEQAS (BTLP) and BBTS Annual Meeting 2019

Registration is now open (click here)

New Supplementary Report for the Blood Film Survey 1903BF Issued August 2019

There is a new supplementary report to the 1903BF report originally posted on the 4th June, describing an interesting morphological feature noted in the 1903BF2 film.

UK NEQAS Haematology 22nd Annual Participants’ Meeting

Registration is now closed Download the Meeting Flyer

Haematology Automated Counting Advisory Group

UK NEQAS Haematology is looking to recruit an experienced Beckman Coulter instrument user to the Automated Counting Scientific Advisory Group. If you are interested or would like to know more, please email the Scheme Director ([email protected]).

The BTLP 2016-17 Biennial Report to Participants is available

The Biennial Report to Participants can be downloaded in the "Documents" section of this website or by clicking here.

New version of the Haematology Participants’ Manual Issued June 2019 available

The new version of the Haematology Participants’ Manual can be downloaded by clicking here.

New version of the BTLP Participants’ Manual Issued July 2019 available

The new version of the BTLP Participants’ Manual can be downloaded by clicking here.


UK NEQAS Schedules for 2019/20

PDF copies of exercise schedules have been uploaded and can be accessed in our documents section. You can also use our new online schedules list by clicking here Online schedules.

The online schedules page allows you to view all the exercises along with the opening, closing and reporting dates. You will also be able to filter down and view schedules for individual shcemes. Further to this you can view an individualised schedule for your own PRN from that same page as long as you are logged in. To do this click the Login button, login with your PRN,Identity and Password and click the Distribution schedules option from the drop down menu with your initials.

All schedules allow you to export them as PDFs or Excel sheets so you can download and / or print them.